Patient feedback

“The app was really helpful and I found it very informative and a useful thing to do. It was the right balance of questions and information and not too long. Thank you.”

“This is a brilliant system. While I understand the need for regular check ups this takes away pressure of appointments for both surgery and patient.”

“This is a very efficient way of completing routine reviews”

“I think it’s great. It only took a few minutes to complete. Felt happy I could still request a face to face review if I felt I needed it. Saves me and you time”

“Extremely efficient and easy, this should be the case for more services”

“What a brilliant idea to be able to do a medication review in this way. It saves me time and money as I am self employed”

“This feels very simple and empowering”

“Saves so much time, rather than having to make an appointment at the doctors for a review, love this”

Staff feedback

“As a respiratory nurse I have become cynical about the quality of asthma reviews in general, having seen the poor quality of asthma care for some patients who register with us from other parts of the country. I clicked on the link really to prove myself right- that it was going to be a cost saving, tick box & rather meaningless exercise. I was proved wrong! Instead it was informative, conveyed a sense of care, & was educational; I completed the questions in an increasingly incredulous state! I am so impressed with what you have created that I am keen to adopt the system for my own patients.” Sue Hazell, Practice Nurse Manager, Broadshires Health Centre, Oxfordshire

“A great innovation. Gives our patients autonomy and saves us time. What’s not to like?”  Dr Jessica Harris, GP Partner, Eynsham Medical Group

“MedLink has allowed the practice to process easy gain QoF points and data early in the year to allow a more targeted approach to those that need it. It’s a low impact workload intervention for this large gain.”  Dr Ian Binnian, GP Partner, Eynsham Medical Group

“We’ve experienced positive patient feedback particularly concerning remote medication reviews. It’s allowed use of more of the team/staff mix to help achieve some of the QoF work and improve our patient review process.”  GP Partner

“MedLink has significantly increased our access to patients that would not normally attend the surgery for routine reviews such as asthma.  We are now getting the information we require to enable us to remotely review them as we would in clinic. If we feel they would benefit from further discussion we send a personalised text advising them of this and what follow up is required.”  Leanda Rankin, Lead Nurse, Eynsham Medical Group

“MedLink has transformed the way we interact with patients. It saves time for both the clinician and the patient without losing any of the quality in the care we give.”  Practice Nurse