We have designed MedLink to integrate with practices’ existing systems. It is compatible with all clinical systems and communication tools. No new software is installed and no new inbox to check, but instead it runs along your existing document workflow. We guide you through the setup and make resources available for your management team to help implementation.

Easy Installation

  • Rapid installation within hours

  • Seamless integration into existing recall and patient communications

  • Implementation tools for management available

How we differ 

  • Mass messaging compatible
  • Content customisation at CCG/Healthboard level
  • No new workflow, software or login

Quality & Control

  • Engage the hard-to-reach
  • QOF 20/21 ready
  • No promised response time


  • 83% of patients request remote review
  • Coding solutions (see below)
  • Data-processing eg average blood pressure


Automatic coding into the patient record typically requires NHS number identification. This number is not known to most patients and would therefore reduce access. Systems currently offering automatic coding in this way do not offer bulk messaging, which significantly improves recall efficiency. MedLink is working on an automatic coding solution compatible with bulk messaging. Below are current solutions to automate the coding process. 


SystmOne Scanning Rules 

Docman Coding Task